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Essential oils are composed of mixtures of natural volatile compounds that have a range of chemical profiles imparting smells and taste in an easy and safe manner.  Our staff can help you navigate the options for duplicating flavors.  Essential oils or oleoresins have the capability to replace and match dry spices with advantages of longer shelf life, concentration consistency and offer increased volatile smells.  Solutions can include entirely essential oils, natural aromatic ingredients or artificial ingredients or in various combinations to customize flavors to your requirements and budget.


Our flavor chemist can help you transition your products  to a GMO free flavors, clean label flavors, add natural coloring,  allergen free flavors, transform into water soluble flavors or flavor duplications with  cheaper alternatives.

Our main products

We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh ingredients

Hilltech produces Pure Vanilla Extracts of various strengths from Prime Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar.

The choices are bountiful from the selections of herbs that are savory, aromatic, spicy or floral.

Our products are sourced worldwide to obtain the  finest raw materials to develop a diverse flavor  portfolio.

Hilltech already has a large flavor library that may suit your needs, and we are in constant pursuit of development.

Our team can provide its clients with knowledgeable experts who can understand and help bridge their innovation with personalized service to suit their requirements.

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We are passionate about developing your perfect flavor.

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