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About Hilltech

Hilltech has a long-standing history in the food industry having been descendants of  Quest International, Proprietary Perfumes and Flavors and Norda era. Hilltech now has over 25 year’s experience as a global supplier of vanilla extracts, spice oleoresins, and essential oils. We custom design flavors for a variety of companies including those in the food, beverage, confectionary, baking, pharmaceutical, animal food and health & wellness industries. Over the years the company has expanded  into a multifaceted company. On site there are laboratories, processing areas as well as production line facilities that can service many industries.


Today’s team consists of  skilled and dedicated people, who bring a personal, courteous, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic spirit to every facet of our business.  They are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our industry. Hilltech not only supplies quality flavor ingredients or custom designed flavors  but provides remarkable customer service. We are committed to maintaining  high business standards in order to create long-term partnerships while highlighting collaborative efforts to large or small companies. We actively participate  with the  certification bodies to ensure that all our products complies with the industry standards.


We will emphasize a versatile, proactive approach that provides our customers with a quality product that is competitively priced and meets or exceeds all expectations.

Our main products

We are passionate about providing you with a wide range of fresh ingredients

Hilltech produces Pure Vanilla Extracts of various strengths from Prime Bourbon Vanilla Beans from Madagascar.

The choices are bountiful from the selections of herbs that are savory, aromatic, spicy or floral.

Our products are sourced worldwide to obtain the  finest raw materials to develop a diverse flavor  portfolio.

Hilltech already has a large flavor library that may suit your needs, and we are in constant pursuit of development.

Our team can provide its clients with knowledgeable experts who can understand and help bridge their innovation with personalized service to suit their requirements.

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We are passionate about developing your perfect flavor.

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